Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder Review

If you’re trying to find the latest, greatest laser rangefinder then you need look no further than the Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Incredibly tiny, it weighs an extraordinary 6.6 ounces, yet is packed with advanced functions.

Being so lightweight and compact makes it ideal for any golfer to take anywhere, without compromising on accuracy, measuring precise distances from 5 to 1000 yards.


The Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder uses sophisticated technology to be precise over extreme lengths and consistently accurate within 1 yard. Armed with that data you will know exactly which club to pick for that specific job.


It’s quick too, giving you the details in a matter of seconds. Simply hold the unit up and select your target to get an almost instant display of the distance reading, which can be given in US yards or a metric reading if you prefer. A real benefit to any experienced or novice golfer alike.

Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Main Features


- Has a magnification of 5x

- Suitable for use by any golfer anywhere in the world

- Optics are multi coated to ensure clarity and light transmission

- Has scan mode which will display rangefindings whilst still panning with the device

- Pinseeker Mode will focus on the pin only avoiding any background clutter

Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Summary


Overall it is one of the most popular golf rangefinders in the market place for good reasons, and well worth including in your armory.

The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder is incredibly accurate, yet also extremely simple to use. Its Pinseeker function focuses precisely on the pin to make certain that it is not something in the background that is giving the distance reading.

Combined with it’s 1 yard variance even over the greatest distance this explains it’s rating as one of the most accurate golf laser rangefinders available.


Callaway are well known for making some of the very top golfing equipment you can find. A lot of the best golfers around the circuit favor the Callaway branded clubs and accessories. Bright yellow Callaway LR550

With the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon incorporating not only the best brand name in golf, and the top brand in photo and ocular devices, you can be confident this is a high end bit of kit.

The main job of the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon is to assist golfers determine the length or range of their objective on the course.

Knowing exactly the distance needed to hit the green, and not the bunker lets you choose the right club for the job every time.

This rangefinder does a really great job of showing you accurate as well as rapid distances whenever you use it.

It can measure accurately as far as 550 yards, easily enough length for most golfers, and most courses.

Main Features of the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon -


- Produced by a combination of 2 world beating brands

- Accurate distance measurements at up to 550 yards

- Range of modes includes the first target feature

- Simple to make use of

- Bold color ensures you are unlikely to lose it

Summary of our Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon Review


The Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon has excellent components put together in a feature rich package, as you might anticipate stemming from such labels as Nikon and Callaway. It’s capable of very accurate rangefinding at the same time as being quick and easy to use.

It will definitely assist you in gauging how far away the pin and hazards are. You may select your club wisely each time and improve your game continually.

All in all, this is an excellent rangefinder at a cost effective price when compared with many other rangefinders on the market.

For accuracy and value for money the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder is hard to beat!


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